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The Allure of a Dress, the Convenience of a Jumpsuit

Does the occasion call for a sundress? Or maybe a jumpsuit? Rompers offer the best of both worlds, delivering the convenience of jumpsuits with the lighthearted appeal of dresses. The result? A one-piece wonder that creates a free-spirited and comfortable vibe that fits an array of events, from outdoor celebrations to a day of shopping.

Customers Find Wardrobe Zen from Closet of Ren

Read what Closet of Ren customers have to say about their shopping experience, from style selection and size options to prices and deals.

Why We Love Rompers (and You Will Too!)

At first blush, a romper may seem like just a fun utility piece to add to your closet between your jumpsuits and your dresses. While we agree that rompers are both fun and functional, there are so many more reasons to fall in love with them. Here’s why rompers are an essential part of our collection here at Closet of Ren and why they’ll soon be part of yours, too!

Style Flexibility

Rompers aren’t just strappy summer fashion, although we do love the classic sleeveless look! Rompers also come in a huge variety of other styles, including those with collars and short sleeves, differing hem lengths, belt options, and more!

Form Flattering

When it comes to dresses, not every style is flattering on every figure. Try being five feet tall and successfully wearing most styles of maxi dresses! But rompers are much more forgiving, providing form flattering freedom no matter how tall you are or what size you wear. 

Easy Maintenance

One of the reasons denim is so popular is because it’s easy to care for, and denim rompers are no different. Busy women appreciate the fact that they can toss a denim romper in with the rest of their jeans – no dry cleaning or special care required.

Flexible Fit

Most denim rompers that feature straps are adjustable, making them easier to fit – and fit properly – no matter your bust size. You can even find adjustable straps on denim rompers that feature spaghetti straps, a comfort and fit saving feature!

Comfort Queen

Between the cozy denim material, customizable straps, and shorts-like coverage, rompers are comfort royalty. Can’t decide what to wear? In a hurry? Having an ugh body day? (We all have them!) Just need some fashion freedom? Rompers are comfortably there for you, no matter what!


While denim rompers truly shine during late spring and summer, you can incorporate them throughout most of the year. With warm leggings, tall boots, and the right accessories, women can transform a denim romper seamlessly to enjoy it during fall and even winter.

Easy Styling

In addition to being a season chameleon, rompers are also super easy to style. With their one-piece design, layering with different tops, sweaters, and accessories becomes a breeze. They also pair well with nearly any type of shoe, from strappy heels to combat boots. You can’t say that about dresses!

Flirty and Fun

Because a romper defines and separates between the legs, women can feel a little more daring with that hemline. Rompers are flirty and fun because they can be shorter than a dress while still providing confident comfort. Go ahead and show a little leg!


Denim has a reputation for lasting years – in some cases, even decades. This means that you won’t need to constantly replace a denim romper – unless you just decide you want a different wash, more ruffles, or a collar and sleeves instead of straps. We get it!

Gift Giving Glory

Holiday or birthday coming up? A new romper is a fun and fabulous gift. And with Closet of Ren’s affordable prices and deals, gift giving is easier than ever. You can even have your gift shipped directly to the recipient – no gift bag necessary!

Practical Pockets

For some reason clothing designers got the idea that women, who carry essentials constantly, didn’t need pockets. Well, thankfully that idea is going out of style and you’ll find rompers (and even dresses, gasp!) that feature those prized and practical pockets.

Universal Appeal

Rompers give off a youthful vibe without looking childish, making them a favorite for all age ranges. They also come in a variety of new styles, giving them broad appeal to women with differing fashion preferences. (Psst…that makes them a great gift, too!)


It’s no secret that prices on everything are going up. That makes the affordable prices and special deals at Closet of Ren even more appealing, and one-piece items like jumpsuits and rompers just make more sense. You don’t even need to wait for Black Friday to shop smart!

Size Wise

Denim rompers come in a wide range of figure-flattering styles and size ranges. Whether you’re in a size small or a size 3X, you can find a new romper that fits your figure and your style personality here at Closet of Ren when you view our whole collection.


There’s just something about rompers that makes you feel free. Maybe it’s the youthful, vibrant energy. Maybe it’s the light and cool design. Or maybe it’s just the feeling of being a little different that opens up our view and creativity. Whatever it is, we say go ahead and liberate yourself!

Good Styling Sense: Romper Inspo for Every Season

Closet of Ren works hard to keep prices affordable and we offer special deals as often as possible. Even so, as prices rise around the world it makes even more good sense to have a wardrobe that works for you year-round. Here’s the great news about rompers: they can totally transform themselves to fit all four seasons. So yes, while prices may be on the rise for new clothing, too, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of every piece in your wardrobe, including denim rompers. 


How you style your new denim romper from season to season will depend on which type of romper you have, what season you’re in, and what vibe you’re going after. Your choice of tops, sweaters, jackets, shoes, and accessories will change the entire look and your world view. Here are some ideas to get your fashion wheel turning.


As you start to sense the warmer weather moving in, we know you’ll be excited to pull out that denim romper (if you ever put it away!).

Spring Prep(py)
With a blazer or lightweight cardigan and loafers or ballet flats, you can transform this romper into lesson-ready preppy. Don’t forget to polish the look with a crossbody bag and maybe some smart specs (whether you need them or not)!

Boho Flair 
That lightweight, flowy, floral top was born for this. Layer your new romper over that Bohemian foundation, then pull out your natural stone jewelry and layer away. Finish it off with some suede ankle boots and of course, your wide-brim floppy hat!

Seaside Casual 
It’s not quite time for a day at the beach, but maybe a stroll by the pier instead. A striped long sleeve tee under those romper straps is a perfect fit. Grab your white sneakers and a large tote bag and hit the boardwalk.


Say yes to summer freedom in your new denim romper. Here are three warm weather styles to get the most out of your days (and nights).

Fair Weather
You’ll be festival-ready all summer long with a denim romper. Cowboy boots, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat (maybe even a Stetson-style hat to complete the cowgirl look) will have you in the fairs-and-festivals energy.

Beach Vibes 
Denim rompers make for easy swimsuit cover-ups. Slide into your flip flops and top with your favorite sun-blocking hat and you’re ready for a day at the beach with the kids. Be sure to drop your sunscreen into your oversized beach tote bag, too! 

Night On the Town 
Denim rompers, like denim jumpsuits, can totally make the transition from daytime to evening. Strappy heels, statement jewelry, and a flashy clutch change the vibe entirely. Cover those shoulders with a silk scarf or shawl and you’re ready to paint the town whatever color you want.


Your new denim romper is an easy way to hold onto that summer fun while still transitioning seamlessly into the fall season.

Fall Festival
Denim rompers love fall festivals, too. Long sleeved, solid-colored tops layered beneath your romper will keep you warm, as will a simple plaid scarf. Top with a beanie hat, grab the kids, and head out to carve pumpkins and drink hot apple cider!

Back in Black
Let your inner rocker out by layering a black turtleneck under your new romper. Pair with a black leather jacket, combat boots, and studded jewelry. Add some black fishnet stockings and no one will question your rocking authority!

The Classic
Not ready to rock, or is a softer rhythm is more your vibe? Soften that romper look with opaque leggings and knee-high boots. Slide into a soft and warm tailored wool coat and simple gold or silver jewelry and you’ve completely transformed your look.


Yes, women can put their new denim rompers to work during all four seasons. Check out these winter looks!

Street Smart
Winter loves collared rompers. Layer a chunky, one size too big sweater over it with the collar and hem exposed for a smart day out look. Thermal tights and high-top sneakers tie it all together, although this style is begging for a beanie…

Cozy Layers
Choosing the right tops to layer beneath your new romper is key to cozy layering. Turtlenecks are the tops that will give you the most warmth, but don’t forget the love you’ll get from a wool cardigan no matter what lies beneath. A knitted beanie, leggings, and a scarf will keep you toasty, too!

Winter Sophisticate
Class this winter up a bit by adding a thin quilted vest over your romper and going for some heeled booties. A number of tops are great choices here, from turtlenecks to cashmere sweaters. Accessories will finish off this look, so consider a chic black or beige beret or a statement belt.

Style Dilemmas: Rompers vs. Jumpsuits vs. Dresses

When it comes to one-piece outfit solutions, rompers, jumpsuits, and dresses are practically done for you. While this is a much-appreciated stress reliever, you still need to decide which one is best for the occasion. Here’s the lowdown on the differences between these wardrobe essentials and the right time to spring for each.

Romper vs. Jumpsuit

Romper or jumpsuit? Here’s the difference and when each option is best.

The Difference
The most obvious difference between a romper and a jumpsuit is that jumpsuits are longer. Typically jumpsuits will reach the floor, or at least be ankle-length. The general view is that jumpsuits are less casual and more for fall or winter seasons. Jumpsuits may also have higher prices due to the additional material used in making them. 

When to Wear It
While you can totally make both rompers and jumpsuits pull double-duty for warm and cold seasons, in general jumpsuits are going to be your go-to in cold weather or if the occasion is a little less casual and a little more upscale. If you’re giving a gift, let her general style and the season you’re in be your guide.

Rompers vs. Dresses

Choosing between rompers and dresses can be a style challenge, but here’s a quick guide to help.

The Difference
Rompers and dresses have a lot of similarities, and depending on the style rompers can easily be mistaken for dresses, and prices on the two are often comparable. The primary difference is that rompers are closed between the legs and dresses are free-flowing and open. But in our view, the biggest difference is how you feel when you wear them. Playful moods call for rompers, and more calm and sophisticated days are for dresses.

When to Wear It
When fun is truly the word of the day, rompers are your best bet. Outdoor events, festivals, days at the park with the kids, beach vacations and any time you’ll be active are times when a romper will shine. (Not to mention windy days. Windy days and dresses do not mix.) Mostly indoor, less active, or more formal occasions are perfect for dresses. 

Shop Small, Shop Smart at Closet of Ren

The internet has been a boon to shoppers looking for all the latest fashions. Tops, sweaters, dresses, jumpsuits, and more in every size under the sun are now at our fingertips and available to view at any moment. But that endless sea of options, although good for prices, has come at a different kind of cost. Namely, that loss has been in connection, authenticity, personal touch, and intentionally curated collections that save shoppers time. Closet of Ren’s mission is to reverse that trend and make shopping small the new shopping smart.

Authentic, Curated Collections

At Closet of Ren, we are bringing back fashion that truly understands you. We’ve put aside the nameless, faceless, corporate view of style in favor of hand-picked, personally curated items that speak to the heart of busy women. We all have lives, careers, kids, families, and responsibilities. We don’t have time to sift through the trends that large corporations think we should like. Women need other women to give them a hand, and that’s what Closet of Ren is all about.


At Closet of Ren, we are bringing back fashion that truly understands you. We’ve put aside the nameless, faceless, corporate view of style in favor of hand-picked, personally curated items that speak to the heart of busy women. We all have lives, careers, kids, families, and responsibilities. We don’t have time to sift through the trends that large corporations think we should like. Women need other women to give them a hand, and that’s what Closet of Ren is all about.

Gift Giving Deals and Opportunities

If a gift giving occasion is coming up, you’ll find that Closet of Ren is a gift shop heaven. While dresses, sweaters, tops, and more make excellent gifts, there’s often the size dilemma to overcome. What size does she wear? Unless you live with the person you’re gift shopping for and can peek in her closet, it can get awkward quickly. 


Fortunately, accessories are top-notch gift options that are always the right size and are respectful of the size privacy of others. We offer a wide selection of new accessories at attractive prices and often have deals available, making gift giving even more affordable. Scarves, necklaces, hats, and bags are just some of the accessories that you’ll find here at Closet of Ren that will make gift giving a breeze.

So please, be our guest and view all our shop collections at your leisure. When you sign up for our email list, you'll gain access to exclusive styling tips and be the first to hear about our latest new finds, deals, sales, and more. (We are also committed to your privacy when it comes to your personal data – our privacy policy is strict and we will never share or sell your information.) 

Closet of Ren Order Processing and Shipping 

With a virtual shopping cart full of fabulous new fashion finds, deals, and maybe a gift or two, you've got a lot on your mind. Waiting for your package to arrive will give you time to plan all the different ways to wear your new rompers, dresses, tops, and more. But how long will that be? We list shipping estimates on every style to let you know when you can expect your items. Here are more details on our processing times and shipping policy.

Shipping and Processing Policy

When ordering from an online company, it's helpful to know their shipping policy. Your Closet of Ren order's processing and shipping times will vary depending on the time of year and which warehouse your order is shipped from. We typically process new orders within two to four business days, and shipping takes between two and ten days depending on the warehouse. Please contact us via email or text if you need rush shipping to check if your selected items are available for expedited shipping or to get a more precise shipping estimate. In order to process rush orders, we will need to manually place them, so please contact us before you complete the checkout process. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our policy. You can find our phone number and email address on our Contact Us page.

Shipping Area

In addition to shipping to all fifty U.S. states, Closet of Ren also ships to customers in Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We also provide shipping to P.O. boxes, U.S. military bases, and APO/FPO addresses, making it easy to shop and ship gift items, accessories, dresses, and more even to those serving overseas.

Give Your Style the Closet of Ren Personal Touch

Hopefully today is the day you go from Close of Ren guest to part of our family. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone else or a gift for yourself, the shop at Closet of Ren has the selection, authenticity, prices, and size options you’re looking for. We offer a broad range of not just rompers and dresses, but tops, jumpsuits, sweaters, accessories, and more. Be sure to add your info to our email list so you’ll always be up to date on deals, new shop additions, styling ideas, and more. Closet of Ren is your real-world fashion guide, ready with inspiration and friendly recommendations whenever you need us. Shop now and find out why shopping small is the new shopping smart.