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Your Key to All-In-One Outfit Bliss

You’ll never be stuck wondering what to wear when you’ve added that just-right denim jumpsuit to your wardrobe. Jumpsuits are a breeze to dress up or dress down, and flexible enough to serve your fashion sense through all four seasons. Whether you’re after the classic overall look, modern wide leg, playful rompers, or even denim dresses, you’ll discover an array of choices, all thoughtfully curated to fit the needs of today’s women.

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Rave Reviews for Ren

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From the Classics to Modern Reinvention

Some styles are (thankfully) stuck in the past. Denim jumpsuits are not one of them! The traditional look still inspires fashion-forward women from coast to coast, while fresh thinking is crafting new and exciting designs for today’s modern lifestyles.

The Classic: Traditional Overall

Like a simple white tee or the little black dress, the classic overall style of denim jumpsuit has an impressive history of fashion longevity. With their adjustable straps and ease of care that busy modern lifestyles have to have, classic jumpsuits offer flexibility, fit, and functionality that are hard to beat. But don’t worry that tradition means lack of personality. You won’t be stuck in a rut. Traditional denim jumpsuits can also be found with updated patterns and colors, in cropped, straight leg or wide leg (more on that below), spaghetti style straps, additional button accessories, and more.

Wide Leg: Relaxed and Modern

A twist on the classic, wide legs give a modern and distinctly feminine vibe to the traditional overall style of denim jumpsuits. These wardrobe staple styles are available in both lighter and darker jean washes as well as black and a wide variety of other colors. Wide leg denim jumpsuits deliver the same flattering fit, flexibility, and ease of care of the classic jumpsuit. You can feel free and flowing while still youthful and modern with this take on the classic denim jumpsuit. 

Rompers: Truly Free-Spirited

Rompers have made a comeback, and our inner children are loving it. Bring back those carefree feelings of youth in a fresh, modern, and slightly more mature version of a childhood staple. Rompers provide a dress-like vibe and a shorter hemline without the worry of an unintentional exposure of your undergarments – you’ve still got all the privacy you need! Perfect for an active lifestyle or a day at the park, rompers deserve a place in your closet. Rompers come in sizes up to 3X, so there’s no need to let your size hold you back from enjoying this blissful fashion trend.

Dresses: Dream in Denim

Okay, so denim dresses aren’t really jumpsuits. But they are so similarly versatile that we couldn’t help but include them here. No matter your size, denim dresses belong in your fashion focused closet. They are even easier to dress up or dress down than a denim jumpsuit, and when it comes to easy outfits it can’t get more simple. Give yourself some options by browsing the denim dresses in our shop – you’ll be glad you did!

Denim: The Jumpsuit That Loves You Back

We’ve all had the experience of loving a particular style only to find that it just didn’t love us back. Fortunately, you won’t have that disappointment with denim jumpsuits. This is a piece of clothing that is endlessly adaptable, friendly to a wide range of sizes, and an absolute joy to wear. Read below and discover all the ways a denim jumpsuit loves you back and you’ll see why more and more women are adding a few to their functional and fashion minded closets.

Style Chameleon

Looking for an endlessly versatile wardrobe addition? The denim jumpsuit can reinvent itself for nearly anywhere, anytime. From casual days at work to volunteering at the food bank to a relaxed dinner out in the evening, your new jumpsuit will definitely be taking you places. Be sure to read up in the next section on all the ways to style denim jumpsuits to rise to any occasion.

Form Flattering

You don’t need to be a supermodel to pull off this fashion superstar. From size zero to 3X, the denim jumpsuit is endlessly forgiving and flattering to all body types, especially when you factor in those adjustable straps. There’s no need to stress out about whether or not your outfit will be your friend today, a struggle that women across America know all too well. The denim jumpsuit has your back (and everywhere else). It’s a reliable, go-to choice for any day of the week, time of the month, or season of the year. 

Easy and Speedy

Does this top go with these pants? Will this look okay with shorts? Forget the closet drama with a denim jumpsuit. It goes with nearly any shirt, from a crop top to a t-shirt to a long-sleeved button down. You can add a cardigan or even a pullover sweater for chilly days without damaging your look. And when it comes to shoes, you’ll have a hard time choosing the wrong pair, as denim jumpsuits are just as friendly to footwear as regular jeans. If you often find yourself short on time to put together an outfit, you’ll definitely want to add a denim jumpsuit to your cart – and your closet – ASAP.

Timeless Treasures

You’ve seen women wearing denim jumpsuits for decades. That’s because their timeless style easily adapts with changing fashion trends, effortlessly re-inserting themselves into daily life decade after decade. Unlike fashion fads that drain your wallet and then leave your wardrobe lacking, denim jumpsuits have proven themselves worthy through the test of time. It’s a good thing this is an article of clothing that really gives you great value for the money. Speaking of which…

An Enduring Legend

With quality denim construction, you can expect your denim jumpsuit to hold up for years. Requiring minimal care, they keep giving back without complaint. Cheap clothing that falls apart after just a few wears shows how expensive cheap fast fashion can be, but with sturdy jean construction you can expect a strong showing from your new denim jumpsuit. Forget fabrics that wear out seemingly overnight and choose quality with denim.

Multiple Personalities

Whether you’re a loud and proud artist, a quiet bookworm who values your privacy, or anywhere in between, denim jumpsuits are a good match for so many different personalities. Even if you sometimes feel like a different person from one day to the next, you won’t have to search high and low for your vibe. Just switch up your accessories and let the jumpsuit speak for itself! From statement pieces to quiet classics, this jumpsuit supports your unique personality!

Travel Companion

Shipping off to an exciting new location? Be sure to pack your denim jumpsuit for your search for adventure! With its versatility it will be your new travel BFF, whether your policy is reservations only or if you’re forging your own path. Effortlessly go from tourist to adventurer without having to stop to change your outfit. Plus with its denim construction your jumpsuit will resist wrinkles and hold up against lengthy travel wear. Pro tip: roll the items going into your bag instead of folding them. It will help reduce wrinkling and take up less space in your luggage!

The When and How of Denim Jumpsuits Styling

At first blush, styling a denim jumpsuit seems limited to only casual occasions, and for only certain seasons of the year. But with a few small adjustments and the right accessories, you can level up or chill out in denim jumpsuits. Here are some ideas and suggestions to help get you started.

Casual Friday

If your company has a casual Friday policy, it’s easy to imagine answering your email and closing out the week in your new denim jumpsuit. Keep in mind all the ways you can accessorize to make it truly yours! From softening the look with a cardigan or leveling it up with a blazer, you can take the same jumpsuit and wear it anew week after week!

Day Out Charm

No matter what you’re doing with your free time, you can get a head start on a fun day out with a denim jumpsuit. Visiting the modern art gallery? That’s the perfect time for a jacket with a bold color or print. Lunch with friends? Tie on a fun or funky scarf. Add a classic straw hat and you’re ready for a carefree day at the park! Denim rompers are also a perfect casual choice for your next day out.

Upscaled Ease

Upscale denim jumpsuit? Sign us up! And you don’t even have to be working from home. Add a black blazer and some strappy and heels and you’ve just transformed from day out to night out. Don’t forget to add a statement piece of jewelry that fits your personality and sets the tone for the evening. If you love leveling up your denim jumpsuit, you might also enjoy adding a black or pink jumpsuit to your cart (and your closet).

Summer Comfort Ease

Overalls may have a reputation as a cold weather accessory, but modern denim jumpsuits are versatile enough for any season. Crop tops or cool linen sleeveless tops are just right for chilling out in a jumpsuit with pants, or you can opt for the natural lightness of denim rompers instead. Consider adding a linen or floral jumpsuit to your wardrobe as well – they are perfect for lightening up the summer closet for women. Don’t forget your floppy hat and sunglasses!

Winter (Denim) Blues

Overalls may have a reputation as a cold weather accessory, but modern denim jumpsuits are versatile enough for any season. Crop tops or cool linen sleeveless tops are just right for chilling out in a jumpsuit with pants, or you can opt for the natural lightness of denim rompers instead. Consider adding a linen or floral jumpsuit to your wardrobe as well – they are perfect for lightening up the summer closet for women. Don’t forget your floppy hat and sunglasses!

Bohemian Bliss

Boho is trending, and we’re loving it. Add a little (or a lot) of Bohemian to your style. Start off with a white, peach, or pink shirt and pair them with some espadrilles or ankle boots. Dive deep into your Boho layering with long necklaces, bangle bracelets, and of course, your wide-brimmed hat! Finish it off with a cozy, fringy cardigan and maybe a loose, wavy hairstyle for the laid-back look. Rompers are also great candidates for going Boho!

Vintage Vibes

Celebrate the longevity of the denim jumpsuit by going retro! Start with a simple white tee, then dig into accessories. Accessories will be key here, so go for the oversized sunglasses, scarves, and a vintage-inspired handbag (or actual vintage from your local thrift shop!). Pull it all together and complete your retro look with platform shoes or classic loafers.

Edgy and Artsy

Ready to make a visual splash? You can count on your denim jumpsuit to be the perfect canvas for creating a fun, edgy, and artsy aura. This is where you can pull out your bold favorites and liberate your creative self. Why not try some combat boots or chunky sneakers, or maybe a leather jacket? It’s the perfect time to put that beret to good use, too. Finish the look with a choker and your most daring make-up application. 

Closet of Ren: Your Authentic Eye for Style

As women search the internet for the very best in clothing, it can be a challenge to find sites to shop at that we feel are really trustworthy and authentic. We love the privacy and convenience of online shopping, especially for sensitive or specialty items we just can’t find anywhere else. But so often online clothing shops are just a jumbled product dump with no personality or are simply another category targeting women from a giant, faceless corporation. 


Not so at Closet of Ren. Because women deserve better. We curate our collection thoughtfully, with today’s women in mind. Our shop is filled with hand-picked items that we love and try out in our own wardrobes, as real women living real lives. Our goal is to help others avoid the cheap and disappointing by focusing on quality and authenticity. As a small woman-owned business, we’re standing firm on the belief that women still value quality, still appreciate thoughtful style, and still want to help and support other women.

So take your time here at Closet of Ren. Search our site and we bet you’ll find the absolute perfect new addition for your closet, whether that’s denim rompers and jumpsuits, on-trend bags and accessories, or comforting graphic tees. Sign up for our email list and you’ll also receive styling tips and be the first to know about new additions, sales, and more. (And not to worry – we’re as thoughtful about our email content as our shop content. Your privacy is our policy and we’ll never give or sell your email or other personal info to anyone. You can sign up with confidence here at Closet of Ren!)

Ordering, Processing, and Shipping with Closet of Ren

You’ve got a cart filled with fashion finds. Congratulations! While you wait for your package to arrive, you can start thinking about all the different ways you’re going to rock your new jumpsuit. Shipping estimates are listed on each style so you’ll know when to expect your items – and how long you’ve got to pull together those looks. 

Shipping and Processing Policy

It’s always handy to know a company’s shipping policy before ordering. For Closet of Ren, processing and shipping times will vary based on the time of year and which warehouse your items are shipping from. Processing averages 2 to 4 business days, and shipping ranges from 2 to 10 days depending on the warehouse it’s coming from. If you need rush shipping, please reach out to us via email or text to see if expedited shipping is available for your selected items or to get a more precise shipping estimate. We will need to manually place orders that include rush shipping, so be sure to contact us prior to completing your checkout. If you have any questions about our policy, we welcome your inquiries and are happy to help. For email and phone number please visit our Contact Us page.

Where We Ship

Closet of Ren is currently shipping items to all customers in the United States, U.S. territories, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We also happily ship to P.O. boxes, U.S. military bases, and APO/FPO addresses.

Add a Denim Jumpsuit for Easy Style Success

Do yourself a favor and treat your wardrobe to a denim jumpsuit. It truly is a fashion chameleon and an all-seasons rock star. Whether you’re kicking back with a Boho or day off look or classing it up a bit for casual Friday or a relaxed night out, you’ll find dozens of reasons to wear your new denim jumpsuit. For even more flexibility, consider adding denim rompers or a jumpsuit in a different color to your cart. Your closet will thank you! Shop now for this timeless classic.